January 18, 2018
Bartering Legal Services Update
When the issue of bartering for legal services first arose in 2016, the Law Society of Alberta took the approach that prohibited the provision of legal services through Tradebank or similar institutions. Since then, we have had the opportunity to conduct additional research. As well, we have reviewed best practices across various jurisdictions and countries, and sought the advice of counsel. Based on the work we’ve done over the past 12 months our position on this matter has changed.  Read more.
Public Representative (Lay Bencher) Posting
Seeking Lay Bencher(s) for the Law Society of Alberta. These are non-lawyer positions. The role of a Lay Bencher is to participate in the governance and regulation of Alberta lawyers and participate in regulatory adjudications. This position is being recruited by the Government of Alberta . To view the full posting click here .
Lawyer Programs: Spotlight on Locum Connect
A locum may be brought in to oversee all facets of a lawyer’s practice while that lawyer is away or may be directed to files or projects. Through Locum Connect, lawyers may register as a locum or browse our Locum Listing to connect with a locum. Read more on how it works and how you can participate.